Last night’s fight

I continue to surprise myself with my miserable aul’ man maturity. Decided not to stay up until 4:30am watching Antonio Margarito v Shane Mosley.  After watching the re-run, I wish I had. Holy shit.

Mosley was a 4-1 underdog, given his 37 years and Margarito’s recent dominance of Miguel Cotto (who beat Mosley last year). Awesome performance, totally one-sided. I don’t think Mosley missed a single shot with his right hand, which came in over the top of the defence of the Tijuana Tornado (great name!).

Always known for his speed and skill, Sugar Shane has deceptively hard hands and he wore the champion down long before the 8th round knockdown. Margarito’s corner let him go back in for the 9th but Mosley’s left hook had also become a factor by then and the referee had no choice but to stop the fight early in the round (the towel seemed to be thrown in before Margarito was knocked down a second time).

That leaves the welterweight division with a paper, rock, scissors situation with these two guys and Cotto. That’s not counting the possible return of Floyd Mayweather.

Note to Ricky Hatton – stay at junior welterweight, son!


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