Another tale of woe

Regular readers (yes, you!) will be well aware of my bus stop misery. Anyway, the one good thing about my regular commute is that it gets me into work late (fight the power!) and, given that my manager used to get the same bus, I get no shit from work for what is, in effect, stealing from my employer.

I decided, due to the weather, to start off a bit earlier this morning. Listening to stand-up comedy on the ipod, rather than music, meant I lost track of time and was (ahem!) lucky enough to flag the bus down as it was leaving the stop. I didn’t recognise anyone on the bus, which was unusual, so I settled down to more comedy.

No, I didn’t get on the wrong bus. I know what you’re thinking, but I’m not that big a moron. Yet.

Anyway, I made my way to my desk, with some strange looks from my colleagues. Upon logging on, I noticed that I was on time! Apparently, the bus I flagged down was the early one, running twenty minutes late. No stealing from the company today. I hope nobody thinks a precedent has been set…

Today’s spending – £2.90. I need a drink.


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