Recession? What Recession?

Redskins sign Haynesworth for $100 million.

Nobody knows where Washington have found the salary-cap room from (they still make an obscene amount of money overall), but they’ve re-structured several contracts, re-signed defensive back DeAngelo Hall and are looking to bring back free agent offensive guard Derrick Dockery.

There’s been outcry; the ‘Skins were the 4th ranked defence last year and their offense was terrible, so why re-tool the defence? Their downfall last year was the complete lack of pressure on the opposing quarterback. Haynesworth will command two or three blockers, every play. Fit again fellow defensive tackle Cornielius Griffin will benefit, as will defensive ends Andre Carter and Jason Taylor, two speed rushers who struggled against big blockers last year. Haynesworth’s size means he can play nose tackle in a three man line, with Taylor possibly dropping back to strong-side linebacker. This may even happen in the regular 4-3 set, if defensive end Philip Daniels has recovered from his injury (Taylor was signed last year to replace him). That is probably the best defensive line outside of Pittsburgh (and they won it all last month). 90,000 screaming fans make trying to snap the ball a nightmare and will help even more in the home games.

Washington’s defensive leader London Fletcher (middle linebacker) is the best player never to be selected to a Pro Bowl that I can remember. Behind Haynesworth, he’ll waltz in next year, with probably half the effort. The defensive backs are as good as last year and should benefit from more rushed passes by opposing quarterbacks.

Haynesworth seems to have sorted his fitness and discipline issues, he was infamous for this horrific stamp (metal studs!) but, bear in mind, it was against the C*wb*ys…

Once again, the Redskins prove themselves champions of the transfer season, of nothing else. I expect them to use their measly four draft picks on an offensive tackle, a linebacker, a defensive end and possible a smaller, speedy running back to return kick-offs and give Clinton Portis a rest.

Washington for the Superbowl! (ahem…)


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