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Legendary Deeds!

Posted in Uncategorized on April 30, 2009 by Steve

Regular readers (I never think that word should be plural) have been known to ask exactly what The Legend has done to deserve such a title. Indeed, The Legend has been decidedly unlegendary as of late but The Legend exceeded even The Legend‘s err.. legend last night.

I, in a moment of spasticity, tripped over the cable that links the phone line to the computer. Severed copper wires were visible and, to use the correct technical term, “fucked”. Anyway, I sent a text to The Legend, asking if The Legend could come round and have a look. I left the gym, only to find The Legend waiting outside (a brave move, given The Legend‘s allergic reaction to such places). The sports drink was pocketed, soon to be replaced with bourbon.

Anyway, The Legend managed to repair the severed cable with The Legend‘s bare hands and black tape. I am not easily impressed, but this was indeed impressive. Not as impressive as The Legend‘s amazing recovery from electrocution. The Legend, short of hands to do the job (a common occurrence for The Legend, natch), decided to place one end of the severed wire in The Legend‘s mouth. I started singing James Taylor’s “Handy-Man” to The Legend, in a touching (if sarcastic) tribute.

The Legend electrocted The Legend‘s own tongue! Ever seen Handy fucking Andy do that? Thought not…


Ian Bell’s Sunday Column

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Bell on taxation and greed.

Good stuff. Why isn’t this obvious to everyone?

Ian Bell

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Bell extracts the urine. Again

Another sad anniversary

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28th April 1967.

Third Lanark folded.

Sad events, so here’s a happier one, from yesterday.

27th April 1985.

My favourite goal celebration of all time!

Ian Bell’s Saturday Essay

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Bell on Zuma, Mugabe, et al.

Union Jack

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Jack Jones Obituary.

A big rival of Hugh Scanlon and an important member of the Union movement. A man who gave money back, campaigned for pensioners after he retired and fought for the International Brigade as a volunteer. Show me a current politician that would risk their expenses, let alone their neck.

Harry Reid’s piece in the Herald.

Ian Bell

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Bell on the market and Tesco.