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Michael Grant – Sunday Herald

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“What’s the point of a club if it doesn’t aspire to win things?”

Finally… The truth.


Ian Bell’s Saturday Essay

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Bell on political reform.

Right, it’s too hot to stay inside…

Tonight’s the night!

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BBC 1, 9pm.

Don’t miss it. a true legend!

Ian Bell on North Korea

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Ian Bell on North Korea.

Good Riddance.

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I’ve held my tongue until now, but it’s getting ridiculous. I’m reminded of a famous quote from another famous red. The Herald’s article today was unbelievable for a usually balanced paper (nobody had the balls to put their name to it). You would think AFC had sacked Fergie, the way people are going on.

Aberdeen had the 4th biggest budget during Calderwood’s reign and finished 4th (3 times), 3rd (once) and 6th (once), so the team slightly underperformed. The UEFA Cup run was wonderful, even though we only one match and doesn’t excuse the humiliating cup defeats (and no cup success) that even Calderwood couldn’t ignore.

He built his reputation on consistent league finishes and the fact that his predecesors had poorer league results.  This is misleading, given that AFC were consistently outspent by the likes of Livingston, Dundee and Calderwood’s Dunfermline (all broke and relegated to the 1st Divison, remember) and had much lower budgets than AFC in the last 5 years. Oh, how far we have fallen, to be grateful for mediocrity and a manager that never missed a game, due to being pished. Do I fear that the board, having hired Paterson and Calderwood, will make a mess of the next appointment? Of course, but they have to do something.

Back to the non-jambo Vlad and his views on lies. The football under Calderwood was consistently terrible, we accepted this in the beginning, as seeing the team fight its way up the league was a welcome change but Aberdeen have a decent group of players and have shown, in flashes, what they’re capable of. Calderwood retains his reputation in the media as an attack-minded coach, which is ridiculous. Aberdeen scored 41 goals in 38 league games this season, and only 22 in 19 home games. At times, they were brutal to watch, not helped by JC’s baffling tactical and formation changes. Personnel looked lost, having been switched so often.

Tactics (beyond matching up to, then losing to, inferior teams at home) extended to humping long balls up to Miller (who isn’t a target man), then losing possession. The team looked lost when they went behind and, when they somehow took a lead, they lost confidence and camped back on their own penalty box, inviting the opposition on. Calderwood only committed bodies forward at the end of games, attempting to salvage a lost cause.

Why did the players do this, and why did they bottle the cup games? Simple, the manager’s constant blaming of the players for failure. Nobody wanted to risk being hung out to dry in public, especially as Calderwood took the credit for all good things that happened. Blame was for players only.

On the field, Severin proved a poor leader and was played in defence too often to affect games with his play (as he did in midfield near the end of the season). Of course, the decision not to buy an experienced centre half to replace Anderson, coupled with a refusal to let the young defenders play together and build an understanding was another baffling decision.

Some of the purchases were good (Severin, Nicholson, Smith when fit) but they were expensive, safe bets. I would guess Calderwood brought in at least 40 players (not counting the terrible trialists) and then dropped some of them for no reason (Touzani, de Visscher), before letting them leave without a fee and not replacing them in January. Apparently, JC felt a lot of our problems were due to a thin squad! Unbelievable!

The decision to let the players go on a stag night, less than a week before the vital final game was permitted by management, resulting in Kerr’s arrest and serious injury (a fractured eye-socket, how is he going to play with that?) was beyond the pale. The drinking culture was at Calderwood’s insistence (teetotaler Adams was binned early doors, Lovell’s coffee drinking was seen as an insult by the manager, who publicly humiliated, dropped, then gave him to Falkirk, where he outscored every Dons player last season) and must’ve affected performances, as well as embarrassing the club in the eyes of the public. He had to go.

Less than 24 hours after leaving, Calderwood is all over the papers, bleating about his mistreatment (150 grand a year, plus a pay-off – hope you haven’t broken any confidentiality agreements, Jimmy!) leading to Willie Miller, the childhood friend who hired him releasing this statement. Well done Willie. AFC is the biggest and best club the fat prick will ever manage and he spent the whole time looking down his nose at it and whoring himself at every opportunity (remember the “shelf life” comments?), careful never to upset the old firm by, for example, defending his own players. His name dropping and sycophancy was cringeworthy.

Good riddance, you charlatan. I suppose my “unrealistic expectations” are to blame for your sacking, rather than your stunningly unremarkable preformance. No doubt, you’ll blame us for never accepting you, the gallus weegie, as Dons boss. Like Alex Ferguson, you mean?

Good luck on the dole.


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Jay Bennett.

Another underrated band. Will be digging out my old Wilco tracks tonight. Apparently they found it err.. difficult working together, Jeff Tweedy especially.

Great tunes, though.

Tradition. Heroism. The lot…

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It’s that time of year again!

Here’s last year’s event again.

Bunch of mentals…