It’s McGhee!

Happy to be able to watch the team go forward next season, with the ball on the deck. A lot has been made of McGhee’s courting of C*lt*c, but I’d rather have a guy with ambition. It’s guys like Calderwood and Paterson, who will never manage a club the size of the Dons again, that held AFC back.

Think Fergie saw AFC as the highlight of his career? It worked out ok for us.

McGhee mentioned C*lt*c and Newcastle (both, undeniably, bigger clubs than Aberdeen) as clubs he enjoyed playing for and would like to manage. Listen, for McGhee to go to C*lt*c would require two things;

1) – a trophy, league constisency and European progress.

2) – Tony “Melton” Mowbray to royally screw up in Glasgow.

Both of these things are good. McGhee is nakedly ambitious, which is why I want him (despite my misgivings at former heroes getting the gig and perhaps getting too long in the gig). McGhee has shown to be a better judge of signings than Calderwood and the departures of Smith and Severin (admittedly good, but expensive, safe Calderwood buys) should free up enough budget to bring in three good players. I want to see a centre half (a nasty, experienced organiser), a right back (Vidal made permanent?) and a right-sided attacker (midfield or forward) with that cash.

The rumour is that AFC will cash in on Miller, before his contract runs out and, if the money is re-invested, I’m ok with that, though I’d rather see him stay. Aluko, Pawlett, Maguire, Miller, Wright, Paton and (yes, even) Mackie is a decent group to play McGhee’s preferred quick front three. Mackie as a sub, in away games only, please!

Hughes and Klimpl, out of contract at Motherwell and Clarkson (not out of contract at Motherwell) have been mentioned and I’d be happy with any of them. None of them wouldn’t be a disaster, as we have good young players coming through just now and I trust the new gaffer to find a couple of gems, either now, or in January.Onward and upward!

Meanwhile, watch this! This is great!


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