Now that I’ve calmed down…

…I’m still not sure how I feel about AFC’s capitulation and humiliation in Europe. I actually thought Sigma would win the tie but the manner of it all was hard to take, especially the media reaction (as far as personal slaggings went, because of course I am 100% responsible for the result, they were all from Huns, funny that, eh?).

The fans were told that Calderwood’s severance and the TV deal collapsing would not affect the playing budget but Severin, Smith and Mair all left and none have been replaced. Rumours of Langfield, Diamond and Miller being punted (I’ve put them in order of how disastrous each departure would be) to fund McGhee’s signings are worrying, to say the least.

At least someone has a sense of humour about it all.

Where does the money go? I accept that everyone’s skint (AFC will probably benefit over the season, as other clubs are even worse off) but there seems to be this acceptance that everything will continue to get worse. Nothing will change in Scottish senior fitba as long as three (count ’em!) bodies (the SPL, the SFA and the SFL) are running things. The time has come to go to two leagues of sixteen, with a regional pyramid system beneath. Whilst summer fitba will never happen (I think it could work, for what it’s worth), the season needs to start earlier, with a winter break. Bigger crowds and better weather  in August (when the EPL isn’t on) and a break when everyone is cold and skint (but can still watch the EPL in the pub) has to be worth considering.

Someone posted the 2009 American MLS All-Star team and their salaries. The name Stuart Holden caught my eye. His salary for the season is $34,728 which is (according to here) £20,709.64! I can tell you right now that he would be far and away the lowest paid player in the SPL (by at least five grand). I went to the Houston Dynamo site to check out their ticket prices where they range from $20 to $74 (or £11.93 to £44.13), the Dons ticket info is here. It’s a fair assumption that they are more proficient at marketing to potenial fans than any Scottish side (sectarianism excepted). Over the last few seasons, the average attendance has varied between 15,000 and 30,000, which makes them slightly bigger and more successful than AFC over recent times. All of this is despite competing with, amongst others, the Houston Texans, the Houston Rockets and the Houston Astros.

Why did Stuart Holden catch my eye? Because he’s an Aberdonian! He also plays on the right side (a position we have nobody for, thanks to Calderwood falling out with and selling them all). It’s not even funny.

Speaking of the slug, he’s been a bit more dignified in the wake of our Euro exit than I thought (as has Sandy fucking Clarke, who was part of the commentary team), though the hand-job Tam Cowan gave him on Off the Ball last week was particularly nauseating. Worth a listen though, just to hear Calderplank’s little-boy-lost response to an email from “Steve Jones.”

We’re in the the shit, McGhee looks in trouble already but, between the board and Calderwood, it’s not his fault. Bear in mind Calderwood’s first match in charge (with the disgraced Steve Paterson’s team) had; Michael Hart, Russell Anderson, Kevin McNaughton, Scott Severin, Markus Heikkinen, Chris Clark and Noel Whelan. Add Jamie Smith to that (signed that week) and you have eight players that would walk into the current first eleven. Cheers Jimmy, looks like the Dunfermline fans were right about you.

I’m going to drink something strong now…


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