Not often I agree with a priest…

Canon Patrick Keegans on al Megrahi’s appeal.

I heard an American relative of one of the passengers on BBC Breakfast and, while I have massive sympathy for all involved, it showed the child-like psyche of Americans and their desire for vengeance. How does letting the wrong man rot in jail (with cancer!) help?

Until September 2001, Lockerbie was probably the hardest hitting, closest terrorist attack on Americans (the hypocrisy, given the CIA-sponsored free-for-all around the world is another debate for another time), at least apart from those terrorist acts committed by Americans on their own soil. It’s inevitable that it remains a sore spot, especially given that the Libyan regime remains the same, and is now friendly with the USA, but at what point does vengeance become less important than justice?

I’ve never subscribed to America being the bogeyman (it lets many other nations and, more importantly, commercial and financial institutions off the hook) but, as a nation, they remain the spoiled only child that has everything. They should grow up and remain thankful that they’re not constantly on the sharp end of war, poverty, tyranny and terror.


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