Superb last night. The touring part was myself, The Legend and Mr and Mrs Facts (for it is they!). Early chat on the road up consisted of the demise of omniblob (is that link ironic, or what?) and the inevitable stop for garage food. Garage food and I don’t get along but of course I was once again sucked in by the promise of  Harthill services.

Of course, this wasn’t any garage food, this was M+S garage food. Bollocks, I still ended up with a sore stomach, which wasn’t helped with the gassy Pepsi on sale at the venue. As for the t-shirt stand, a bugbear of mine is that three quarters of the (old) people in the venue wouldn’t fit into any of the merchandise. This is a recurring theme which is weird, given how I remember band t-shirts being so baggy? No jokes, please…

Sons and Daughters were decent support and had good energy, I quite enjoyed them. Within five seconds of them walking on stage, The Legend said;

“Were I not happily settled in a relationship,

I’d fucking shag the bird playing bass!”

(I added several words to the original quote. As a fun game, can you guess which ones?)

I’m pretty sure the singer was a self-harmer but, then again, that never stopped a musician being good, did it?

Well, the main event, to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the life changing second album “Doolittle” was unbelievably good. The inevitable pissing around during the arty film intro was annoying but the band roared through the album and b-sides (remember b-sides, readers?) in about an hour, before doing the two remaining b-sides, as an encore. The Legend was pointing at his watch, as if an hour wasn’t enough for the money, until I pointed out they’d played twenty-one songs!

Too many highlights to mention, though this aging correspondent’s massacre of everyone within forty feet during “Tame” will live long in the memory, if not the memories of his brain-damaged victims. That’ll teach the young bastards for pogo-ing at inappropriate moments…

The band then came back out and did a second, eight-song encore of earlier songs from the initial e.p. and first album. How nobody died in the, mostly middle-aged, mayhem is beyond me. The Legend, almost medically dead by this point, was unappreciative of my ironic watch-pointing gestures. To be fair, by this point, everyone was knackered and sore, except the eccied-up stranger who insisted on trying to make friends with me on the way out. Why does this happen to me? It must be down to my sunny disposition and outright approachability. The set list (with some youtube links, I love the youtube links!) is below.

Dancing the Manta Ray

Weird at My School

Bailey’s Walk

Manta Ray



Wave of Mutilation

I Bleed

Here Comes Your Man


Monkey Gone to Heaven

Mr. Grieves

Crackity Jones

La La Love You

No. 13 Baby

There Goes My Gun



Gouge Away

(Encore 1)

Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)

Into the White

(Encore 2)

Holiday Song

Nimrod’s Son


Broken Face

Something Against You


Isla de Encanta

Where is My Mind?

Facts (for it is he!) was gutted that “Gigantic” wasn’t played. They tossed a coin on which song to finish on. I think they got it right. At least as good as their gig at Meadowbank a few years back. The fact that we were right down the front (and in the immediate presence of guitar anti-hero Joey Santiago) just shades it for me.

Fucking brilliant.


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