Now it’s out of the way…

The snivelling little shitbag exercised his democratic right to “debate” on Question Time. It was, of course, a mess; Griffin looked uncomfortable, confused and lost. His policies were largely exposed and the audience gave it to him, both barrels. A lot was made about the BNP gaining legitimacy, in the way Jean Marie le Pen did when he got on French television, but Little Nicky was exposed badly and, though some people may have empathised with him as a man alone, attacked from all sides, I doubt it will make much difference.

Diane Abbott was on the following programme, bemoaning Griffin being allowed on and, like Peter Hain, it’s valid to question the legality of the party, would it not have been better to check this before, I don’t know, they stood for election?

It’s all proof positive that the media is king and appearances are more important than policy. Thanks for that, Tony Blair and, by the way, if the way Griffin has packaged his “new” party as a slick, sleazy machine seems familiar to you, it’s because he copied you. Well done.

As for the other panelists, Jack Straw was an easy target (predictably) but got a couple of digs in. He looked more concerned about being the “Hammer of the BNP”, rather than preparing for the questions the audience would ask. The Lib-Dem Chris Huhne made an arse of himself (unusual, of late; the Lib-Dems have done well, the last couple of years) and will doubtless be relegated out of sight (good).

Bonnie Greer was good and her references to race in the US and anthropology (she chairs the British Museum) gave her an authority that made Griffin look even more stupid.

As for the Tory (Two right wingers, and Dimbleby, on the panel? No fair!), Baroness Warsi did well, sidestepping the issue of civil partnerships (she’s big on making statements about “family”), which I thought might trip her up. Plus, I probably would shag her, but only to show her who’s boss.

Forgive me, but you know what those Tory birds are like, and I need to get my money’s worth out of the jodhpurs

Yes, I am proud that I spelled “jodhpurs” right, first time!

What seems to have been missed by everyone is the effect the event will have on the BNP. In his desperation to appear respectable, Griffin squirmed in his seat and gave non-committal answers, while his supporters at home (when not busy shaving their palms) will have been screaming blue murder for selling out. Remember, these half-witted morons want their leader to say he hates p*k*s, n*gg*rs and y*ds.

If you think David Cameron’s frightened about upsetting the 1922 Committee and his (ahem) traditional constituency, how do you think Griffin feels about the BNP membership and their (err…) hardcore “values”?

He usurped the previous leader, after all. The clock is ticking, Mr Griffin…


3 Responses to “Now it’s out of the way…”

  1. I am the Green Knight Says:

    They’re due a membership database leak soon. It should be a quick download.

    I am the Green Knight!

  2. Kirk! Your tea’s oot.

  3. Come ahead, Spock.

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