That bloke! Knew he was nuts!

If, like me, you hate idiots with signs at events (along with birds who get on their boyfriend’s shoulders, usually in front of me, but that’s a whole other discussion*), will know all about the John 3:16 sign and the trend for quoting bible passages on their public written outbursts. Now, I’m not religious but I bet that these folk are as big an embarrassment to those who are.

Whatever side you’re on, this story will come as no surprise.

* – Seriously, though! What kind of relationship psychology leads a guy to let his girl literally trample him, get herself on top of him (to the inconvenience of everyone around who have also paid to get into the gig) so that she can be seen by the band? Even if she doesn’t get her tits out for them, she’s sitting on your head and trying to get their attention! You probably paid for her ticket, as well. Where’s the equality in your relationship, pal?

Guys, if your Mrs. demands you do that for her, dump the fucking cunt. Now. You’ll thank me later…


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