Fail to the Dead-skins…

Deadspin’s review of the ‘Skins 2009 puts my feeling succinctly and eloquently. $41 million guaranteed for an overweight (if brilliant) Defensive Tackle (a fortnight after making 20 staff redundant, as a cost-cutting measure) and an owner who pays for pest control to get rid of non-existent bugs being just two of the highlights.

As someone who jumped through hoops to watch every game (ahem… don’t ask how…), I saw the team find new ways to lose to all standards of opponents. I seem to be alone amongst friends and workmates in that I only support Aberdeen, as I can’t summon the emotional energy to deal with another fitba team losing, so why do I bother staying up all hours to watch a bunch of losers in another sport?

Still, Washington are always the biggest news in the off-season (two-time Superbowl winner Mike Shanahan is the new coach), so let me get my hopes up and Hail to the Redskins in 2010!


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