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Cloughie gives it both barrels!



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Well, it’s over 24 hours into the new free-agency period and promises that Washington won’t spunk hundreds of millions on overpriced, over the hill “talent” have been kept. Maybe the new duo of Shanahan and Allen (not a folk band) have convinced Chainsaw Dan Snyder to build the team sensibly?

Chicago, in a last roll of the dice; for coach, general manager and possibly ownership, have spent all the cash. Let them, the ‘Skins need to look at things as a two or three year project. The Redskins need (immediately), several offensive linemen, at least two linebackers, a nose tackle, free safety and at least one cornerback. Sadly, the latter won’t be this guy.

Medium term, they need a quarterback, runningback and more depth. Next year will see improvement (Shanahan to Zorn is worth at least three wins itself), but it will be painful. I reckon they’ll win seven or eight and nine the next year.

Come 2012 – Washington might be good.

New DJ on the scene…

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DJ Ruth Flowers.

A Tribute to Hawick!

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Bless the Queen of the Borders. The pound-for-pound, per-head of population champion of tabloid scandal! This week’s escort-text scandal was just the latest in a long line of embarrasments for the land that time forgot.

“Lust One Cornetto” – hot-dog fellatio genius in The Sun this week.

Scottish rugby fan flashes on live TV – he’s from Hawick!

Driving instructor is a sex-pest. Really!

A loss to the beautiful game!

That’ll be 200 grand of hash and 50 grand of haribo, please…

Bear in mind, that’s just February 2010! God bless you, Hawick.

We don’t have time to go into the numerous criminal offences, or the “nae weemin” scandals of the Common Ridings here – but they’re all comedy gold. My favourite from last year has to be Hawick United’s attempt to cushion the blow of their Scottish Cup exit (alledgedly).

Hawick – we are in your debt.

Michael Foot

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Farewell to a man of principle.

A man mocked for err… not wanting nuclear armageddon and wearing a jacket when it was cold. That’s UK tabloid politics, for you!

I thouroghly recommend his book, Dr. Strangelove, I Assume? Foot was a man who loved literature (a prolific writer and a gifted orator), booze and laughter. A man after my own heart!

No doubt there will be a few white-van wankers ready to criticise but they should be made aware that Foot voted against joining the EU in 1972, unlike their heroine, The Hoor of Grantham. Wonder if that will come up, in Cameron’s next speech about patriotism? Such an outrage might be the only thing that could take attention away from the fact their biggest donor is a tax-dodger.

Plus, ca change, Tory cunts. Plus, ca change…

Mark Watson

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Comedian Mark Watson’s new website.

Neighbour Dave!

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Funny story about Doug Stanhope’s neighbour and a video clip of Doug’s segment from episode 1 of Charlie Brooker’s  Newswipe.

Doug’s youtube channel is here.