A Tribute to Hawick!

Bless the Queen of the Borders. The pound-for-pound, per-head of population champion of tabloid scandal! This week’s escort-text scandal was just the latest in a long line of embarrasments for the land that time forgot.

“Lust One Cornetto” – hot-dog fellatio genius in The Sun this week.

Scottish rugby fan flashes on live TV – he’s from Hawick!

Driving instructor is a sex-pest. Really!

A loss to the beautiful game!

That’ll be 200 grand of hash and 50 grand of haribo, please…

Bear in mind, that’s just February 2010! God bless you, Hawick.

We don’t have time to go into the numerous criminal offences, or the “nae weemin” scandals of the Common Ridings here – but they’re all comedy gold. My favourite from last year has to be Hawick United’s attempt to cushion the blow of their Scottish Cup exit (alledgedly).

Hawick – we are in your debt.


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