Michael Foot

Farewell to a man of principle.

A man mocked for err… not wanting nuclear armageddon and wearing a jacket when it was cold. That’s UK tabloid politics, for you!

I thouroghly recommend his book, Dr. Strangelove, I Assume? Foot was a man who loved literature (a prolific writer and a gifted orator), booze and laughter. A man after my own heart!

No doubt there will be a few white-van wankers ready to criticise but they should be made aware that Foot voted against joining the EU in 1972, unlike their heroine, The Hoor of Grantham. Wonder if that will come up, in Cameron’s next speech about patriotism? Such an outrage might be the only thing that could take attention away from the fact their biggest donor is a tax-dodger.

Plus, ca change, Tory cunts. Plus, ca change…


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