Aberdeen FC 2010 Calendar

Sorry to any remaining readers for the lack of posts in three (!) weeks, it’s been down to a combination of computer problems, essay deadlines and a dissgraceful lack of Legendary behaviour. Tut, tut…

Anyway, it’s April the 1st (no fooling here) and I turned over the aforementioned calendar to see which two players represented the new month and a disturbing pattern has emerged, so let’s go through the year so far;

January – Jamie Langfield (rumours of a bust-up with McGhee and a summer departure) and Bertie Bossu (calamatous reserve keeper, left in January).

February – Sammy Stewart (gone in January, so far out of first team contention, that no picture available in this season’s kit) and Sone Aluko (fell out with McGhee, disappeared to an U21 tournament- out of form and probably off in the summer).

March – Derek Young (probably the most vilified squad member, likely to be off in the summer) and GaryMacDonald (same circumstances, they’ve even spelled his name wrong on the calendar, which may be why he’s refused to sign the contract offered, much to the bafflement of the fans).

April – Tommy Wright (coke-headed psycho Calderwood paid £100,000 for and scored two goals for his £1,900 a week salary, gone in January for nothing) and Lee Miller (sold in January for £500,000 of which zero has been reinvested, despite the further saving of £4,000 a week).

Yikes! I’m afraid to look ahead!


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