Return of The Legend

It’s fair to say that The Legend has been anything but legendary for some time now. Drunken antics are rarer, as The Legend has, unbelievably, become even more of a lightweight. Still, the odd gem resurfaces; The Legend‘s six year old step-daughter, not known for keeping her thoughts to herself, interrupted her teacher’s lesson on the human skeleton last week to inform everyone that;

“Daddy said to Mummy that, when he comes home from the pub, he’s going to jump her bones.”

Anyway, in best landlord mode, The Legend came round today to do a staggeringly half-assed repair on the broken toilet seat (my discovery of said problem went, sadly for the comedy sensibilities of the world, unwitnessed). In the spirit of cooperation, I decided to clean the toilet and put bleach in the bowl, so The Legend wouldn’t be put off the job in hand.

The “repairs” have been completed, in that the seat is now precariously attached to the cold porcelain, but cannot be lifted. The Legend invited me to check out The Legend‘s handiwork but I was unable to, given the smell eminating from the bathroom.

“When you need to go, you need to go!”

So there you have it; The Legend 1-0 Super-strength bleach and human decency.


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