World Cup – staffed by morons?

Excellent article by The Scotsman’s Tom English (who is, of course, Irish…) about the terrible punditry we, as viewers and supporters, are paying for. As (ahem!) a former columnist, roundabout-way BBC contributor and World Cup Fantasy guru (my FF team is miles clear in the office super league, with more goals scored than the other nine players put together), I have to agree that the punditry is ignorant and fucking atrocious.

As for intellect? Well, one was sacked this week for trying to use his comped tickets to get his hole. Comped tickets? For TV presenters, who are supposed to be working? Fucksake…

English, you may remember, was the panelist on Radio Scotland that enraged then SFA Chief Executive Gordon Smith to the point the bewigged former hun cunt, incredibly, phoned the show live, at which point English tore him to pieces over Smith’s distinction between hun cunts Barry Fergus-Hun and Allan Mac-Raper being banned for life, or for just their Scotland playing careers. I listened to it live, it was jolly good.

Seriously, in any other news or entertainment show on television, basic ability to communicate is demanded, not just hoped for. Also, can you tell me why the BBC put subtitles on Trawlermen, but expect us to manage with Emmanuel Adebayor (who’s grasp of English is admirable, but that really isn’t the point)? Ah fuck it, given his obscene salary, he’s probably as big a tory cunt as the fisherman but, unlike them, he isn’t going to be a hun cunt as well.

At least the fishermen that are hun cunts might endup thrown overboard into the North Sea, which is more than we can say for Smith (a terrible pundit himself), Ferguson and McGregor. I suppose I can still dream…


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