Lost in the hysteria…

… of the (admittedly catastrophic) BP oil well continuing to ruin the Gulf of Mexico, today is the anniversary of the Piper Alpha explosion in the North Sea. 6th June 1988.

167 deaths, R.I.P.

No mention of the anniversary on the (ahem…) American company’s website. The comically named Occidental, now known as Oxy – much like British Petrolium’s rebranding as BP, were known to be, shall we say, less than 100% concerned with employee safety. There were multiple fatalities on the platform before the explosion and it was known as one of the most dangerous places to work anywhere in the world.

Oxy’s “Social Responsibility” page makes for grimly ironic reading. Still, like most bad things happening in the world, if it doesn’t happen on their own turf, they tend not to think about it, do they? Especially if it’s an American company or government agency that’s responsible. As for abandoning unsafe and environmentally dangerous energy sources and considering renewables? Not if it affects short-term profit. After all, it’s only foreigners that are dying, and some stupid wildlife…


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