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Forty years ago today, Aberdeen Football Club became the first side knocked out of Europe on penalties. Honved, the Hungarian military side made famous by Ferenc Puskas, beat them in the Cup Winners Cup.

Twenty-nine years ago today, a future England manager and the then England captain were, after much bragging about their abilities (they were the UEFA Cup holders, were put to the sword at Pittodrie.


Really. Bad. Idea.

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Gabriele Marcotti article about Triestina.

Really. Bad. Idea.

Up for grabs in North Korea?

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New York Times article on the Kim succession in the works.

Story about the secret political gathering in North Korea.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Navy are joining the South Koreans again.

Though the South are offering aid, in the face of American sactions.

My head hurts, remember when there were only two sets of nutters to blow the world up?

So here’s this. Oh, and this.

Back from the (nearly) dead!

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Fucking Hell, I hate my job (note, I initially typed “jib” – it’s fair to say certain folk at my work hate that too).

The only thing that’s kept me from lamping anyone has been going back to the swimming. It’s ace, but I couldn’t manage it today, on grounds of feeling like death from too much swimming.

So, here’s a life-affirming link to cheer us all up!

Mark Thomas – The Peoples Manifesto website.