Christine O’Donnell

Oh, we’ve got a live one!

Well known fundamentalist Tea Party nut-job (my opinion only, of course…) Christine “Masturbation, Pornography, Sex outwith Marriage, Homosexuality etc is evil and like Nazism” O’Donnell has been found out to be a hypocrite.

The Guardian article.

The original Gawker article.

Needless to say, the media in the U.S. has gone mental, with accusations of sleaziness, misogyny etc.

But, while I agree the article was in bad taste and the anonymous source seems like a twat, the issue of hypocrisy; “you should all live your private lives the way I want, and be subject to vilification in a public arena”, crossed with “leave me alone, it’s my private life, even though I don’t practice what I preach and am running for office on my values” really sticks in my craw.

Here’s Gawker (a publication that can indeed be sleazy and intrusive)’s excellent response.

Incidentally, O’Donnell has made no attempt to deny what actually happened that night which, along with the source’s photos, seems to suggest that the media storm about the story is a massive smoke-screen.

Will this cripple the Tea Party movement? Probably not. I would hope that it may cause the Party membership to reconsider their support for O’Donnell.


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