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..redressing the balance after a week of toadying and crawling to a bigoted old cunt. I am embarrassed to share an island with these fuckers, though I think the sycophants are worse. I bet if he could, he’d shoot a sycophant; as it sounds like an endangered species.

In the interests of balance, I should say something positive about him. He’s the best dressed and groomed man in the world. Then again, if I had a barber’s shop in my house, for my own personal use, servants to dress me, no job obligations and untold wealth my whole life, I’d probably look better.



Stephen Beagrie on Doug Stanhope.

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Here’s my first offering for intolerably hip site Culture Bully. It started off as a review of Stanhope’s latest album but, as usual, became another example of me railing against the darkness. Enjoy!

If you like it, leave a comment. If you hate it? Keep it to yourselves…

Many thanks to the IT Pixie for sorting the technical gremlins on this site. I know at least two of you missed me…

Another great passes on.

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RIP – Eddie Turnbull.

Most famous for his contribution, player and manager, of Hibernian. Turnbull was the man who turned Aberdeen round in the late 1960’s. Easily our greatest non-knighted manager.

Mark Thomas

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Article in The Guardian about his walk along the West Bank Wall.

Wise advice.

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Though it looks like their unexpected challenge for Serie A may fall just short, the return to prominence of Napoli has been  a refreshing change in Italian football. The fact that they’re challenging with AC Milan has made it all the more special, invoking memories of games like this.

Champions League football next season is almost guaranteed, which will hopefully allow the club, a beacon to its fans and what they see as a stand against the North of their country.

Anyway, if any more credit were due, it would be a result of the club’s helpful instruction to the wives of the players, specifically a plea for them to “please avoid useless family tension”.

Forza Napoli!

Forza Sud!

Forza 1950’s attitudes to women!

Happy Birthday!

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Aberdeen Football Club.

Founded 14th April 1903.

108 years old today.

(insert joke here)

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I have nothing to say about this